What People Say

What impact does St. Lorenz have on students and their families? Here are some thoughts from former St. Lorenz students and parents of former students, about the impact St. Lorenz has had on them.

What Former Students Say

Olivia Maurer


2018 Salutatorian Frankenmuth High School, Class Rank: 2

Transitioning from middle school to high school was something that seemed very intimidating, but my time at St. Lorenz made this so much easier than I had expected. The eleven years that I had spent at St. Lorenz school prepared me academically and socially, but most importantly, spiritually. I was able to use my God-given talents in the classroom, and excel in doing so, because of the extensive academic curriculum that St. Lorenz gave me. I was also able to meet new people with ease and proudly share my faith with them since the teachers, pastors, and coaches had emphasized the importance of this during my time there. Most significant of all, I was able to stay strong in my faith and trust in God throughout my four years of high school. St. Lorenz provided me with such a strong foundation in my faith that truly helped me through high school, and that I know I can continue to lean on as I move forward in my life. For these reasons, I am forever grateful for the support and guidance that St. Lorenz gave me.


Lyla LaMay

2017 Valedictorian Michigan Lutheran Seminary, Class Rank: 1

St. Lorenz equipped me with the necessary tools, social and academic, in order to be prepared for high school. St. Lorenz’s academics ensured a bright future for me and allowed me to excel academically in high school. I learned early in grade school to work hard and display the gifts God had given me. St. Lorenz’s social atmosphere provided me with support from friends and teachers as I grew mentally, physically, and spiritually. St. Lorenz was a great place to be able to grow in my faith with fellow Christians, while also providing ways in which we could share the gospel with others who did not know Jesus. Through my religious studies at St. Lorenz, I was more prepared for Seminary’s religious courses and was able to further build my faith by having such a strong understanding of God’s word at such a young age. St. Lorenz is a great school, where one receives a quality education. But more importantly, it is a place where one is encouraged and strengthened in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and God’s word.


Abby Struble

2017 Salutatorian Frankenmuth High School Class Rank: 2

St. Lorenz school has provided me with lifelong friends, supporters, and an ever-growing love of Christ. I cannot be more thankful for this community and all of the wonderful teachers, administrators, and pastors that make St. Lorenz the impactful place it is today.


Cassandra Keinath

2016 Valedictorian Frankenmuth High School, Class Rank: 1

St. Lorenz prepared me well for a rigorous high school curriculum, but more importantly, the faculty at St. Lorenz helped me build a firm foundation in the Christian faith. It was very evident when I first stepped into high school that I was ready for the next level of academics, but I was also prepared to defend and share my faith. The staff, students, and parents of St. Lorenz form a tight-knit community that is academically and spiritually nourishing. The St. Lorenz INAMIAH team provided me with the opportunity to share my faith on mission trips to Benton Harbor and Chicago, which were experiences that I will never forget. What I think is so special about St. Lorenz is that not only are we taught the basics of the Christian religion, but we are required to put our faith into action through service projects and volunteer opportunities. After leaving St. Lorenz, I truly understood how blessed I was to attend a school that is so challenging academically, but also centered on the ideas of servant leadership and displaying Christ’s love.

Joseph Seder

2015 Valedictorian Frankenmuth High School, Class Rank: 1


Attending St. Lorenz since preschool, I feel I have always had an advantage in my academics. Between the kind, encouraging teachers and the in depth coursework, I was able to excel with a thorough and diverse education. At St. Lorenz, I not only grew academically, but the environment truly helped build character and make me a well-rounded individual. More important than academics, though, is the strong faith and belief that I graduated with. When it comes to growing in one’s faith, nothing is more important and St. Lorenz provided me with more than just memorized bible verses. I was taught the true meaning and beliefs behind many of the things I learned in church which has helped me to keep a close relationship with God and even answer some of others’ questions when asked. Growing up, one could not ask for a better education or a more caring community.

Joshua Pendleton

2014 Valedictorian Frankenmuth High School, Class Rank: 1


My experience with St. Lorenz is not necessarily a typical one. My family moved to Frankenmuth the summer before my eighth grade year. My parents chose to move at this time so I would be able to meet some people before starting high school. In this sense, St. Lorenz was better than any school I could have hoped for. One of the first things I noticed about St. Lorenz was how welcoming and friendly everyone was—both students and staff. I quickly felt at home and began forming long-lasting relationships with other students both during school and through extracurricular activities like sports. On top of this, I loved the atmosphere of Christ-centered learning that St. Lorenz has. The values that St. Lorenz possess were very evident to me throughout my time at the school. It was also very important to me to know that my teachers had a Christian mindset while teaching. All these things, along with the loving attitude of the community within the school, made St. Lorenz the perfect fit for me.

Lucas Ehrlinger

2014 Salutatorian Frankenmuth High School, Class Rank: 3


St. Lorenz blessed my life by providing a solid starting ground for my faith and my academics. The teachers and staff surrounded me in a loving community that fostered a strong work ethic and good character within me. The most important asset I gained from St. Lorenz was a basis for my faith that I would continue to grow in my high school years. I give God all of the glory for the success he gave me during my high school years, but I am certain that he worked through St. Lorenz to prepare me for the hard work and stress of high school. As I look into my future, I have full assurance that God is with me and will guide me through life, and St. Lorenz was a stepping stone to this confidence I have in the Lord.

Zachary A. Scherzer

2013 Valedictorian Frankenmuth High School, Class Rank: 1


“While attending St. Lorenz, I was able to develop a strong religious foundation that has guided my life. As I become immersed in the secular world of college, I have truly come to discover the tremendous importance of a Christian education. My faith was greatly strengthened from my experiences at St. Lorenz, and the knowledge I ascertained while there will continue to be a priceless resource that I can draw upon for the rest of my life. Unlike many schools, St. Lorenz is a family, where teachers and students learn side by side and can marvel in God’s glory freely. What St. Lorenz is doing is not only unique, its life-changing, and I strongly recommend this school to any family.”

Chelsea Storms

2013 Salutatorian Frankenmuth High School Class Rank: 2


“Attending St. Lorenz school gave me a strong, firm background in the Lutheran faith, yet it also greatly contributed to my academic and extra-curricular life.  I was able to grow and flourish not only in academics, but in music and dance as well.  Now, as a music major in college, I look back on and am incredibly grateful for this grounding at St. Lorenz, where they taught me that music has one purpose: praising God.  Through Girls of Grace, I was able to worship God in a different way, through dance.  This ministry allowed me to form strong bonds with other girls of whom I am still very close to, while teaching me to be a mentor and role model for younger girls.  Now, I am using this experience by giving back to the community through Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  At St. Lorenz, I was given a life purpose, I grew in academics, and I was grounded in my faith.  These things have helped me to where I am now, and I thank God for that!”

Carlie  Mueller

2013 Salutatorian Valley Lutheran High School, Class Rank: 3


“I feel that St. Lorenz gave me a great foundation – in academics as well as preparing me to be able to defend my faith.  All the teachers care deeply about how you are doing with your studies, but more importantly with your faith and personal walk with God. St. Lorenz laid a wonderful foundation for me that Valley Lutheran, and now Concordia, has been able to build off of.”

Corey Schmitzer & Ryan Hool

 2012 Co-Valedictorians Frankenmuth High School  Class Rank: 1


“Establishing a firm foundation for my faith was the most significant part of my time at St. Lorenz. My family, friends, and the teachers I interacted with at school and in church reinforced the message of the power, love, and mercy of Jesus Christ in my life. Now, with any obstacle or challenge I face, I know I can go to God in prayer and completely rely on Him to lead me through it.” – Cory Schmitzer


“St. Lorenz has an encouraging environment that promotes work ethic in academics along with competition and teamwork in extracurricular activities.  These fundamentals helped set a strong basis for further growth that I experienced in high school and college.  Most importantly the teachers and staff helped to make Jesus my foundation in life.” – Ryan Hool

Alec Bergman & Ali Corby

2011 Co-Valedictorians Frankenmuth High School  Class Rank: 1


“St. Lorenz provided a strong environment to learn academically as well as grow in my faith.  Our classmates and teachers were supportive and had high expectations that we would be the best we could be.  My fondest memories from St. Lorenz were the basketball and soccer seasons, and the Washington D.C. trip.  I also liked the aspect of choosing my own Confirmation verse, which has helped me live my life from that moment on.”  Whatever you do, do it with all your heart, as if doing it for the Lord. Colossians 3:23 – Alec Bergman


“Throughout high school and definitely after coming to college, I realized how rewarding my experience at SLS really was.  With the strong focus on serving the Lord and doing everything to His glory, SLS was a place I did a lot of growing as a student and as a Christian.  My time at SLS also provided me with a strong foundation in my faith to prepare me for any challenges I may have faced after graduating 8th grade.” – Ali Corby

Brittany Garcia

2011 Salutatorian Frankenmuth High School, Class Rank: 3


“At St. Lorenz, I was able to obtain a quality education built upon a strong Christian foundation with a caring faculty to guide me. Because of the foundation of academic excellence that St. Lorenz created for me, at college I was able to study abroad in China, Italy, France, England, and Ireland all through academic scholarships.  St. Lorenz also stressed the importance of sharing Jesus’ message with others.  This led me to go on a mission trip to Guatemala, which was the perfect opportunity to share God’s word and the love of Christ with those in need internationally.  Throughout my travels, I have always had the support of the school and congregation.  This has been uplifting and encouraging for me to continue to do more of God’s work.  St. Lorenz taught me not only how to succeed academically but more importantly it taught me how to lead a Christian life.”