Student Activities

Students at St. Lorenz develop an awareness of the importance of building strong relationships based upon the example Christ set for us during His ministry on earth. RESPECT for others and the desire to form positive Christian relationships is a critical attribute we strive to reinforce within our school climate in order to develop a caring environment.

Eighth Grade/Faculty Games

The students and faculty alike enjoy watching  fun-filled competition between the faculty and the eighth graders. A skit performed by the Faculty during halftime of the basketball game is also an annual hit.


Field Day

The Family Faith Teams come together in June to enjoy many games and challenges together. Dressing as a team and cheering each other on is also part of the fun!


Educational Trips

Many field trips take place throughout the year to enjoy the wonder of God’s world around us! A highlight of each year is the grade 6 trip to Hartley Nature Center, grade 7 trip to the Creation Museum, and grade 8 trip to Washington D.C.


Music Concerts

Each fall and spring, grades five through eight perform in a Music Concert. They also perform in worship services and at community events as well as a Lutheran Schools Music Festival each Spring.



National Lutheran Schools Week

We thank God for our Lutheran Schools, where we can learn about our Savior and grow in His Love, while we demonstrate God’s great love to others around us. For one week each Winter we celebrate our Lutheran Schools along with hundred of Lutheran Schools throughout the country.


Buddies Program

Each student in our school has a buddy! Students are paired up with a friend from another grade and have the opportunity to do activities with one another throughout the year. Students really look forward to Buddy Days!

National Lutheran Schools Week 2021