Purpose Statement for St. Lorenz Lutheran School

All who have been brought to faith in Jesus Christ are commissioned by Him to preserve and extend the Kingdom of God, this also serves as the corporate responsibility of the St. Lorenz congregation and the St. Lorenz school family.

Through the work of the Holy Spirit, our purpose then is to provide the spiritual foundation that will:

1. Strengthen the faith of our students in Jesus Christ as they experience daily the love of God and in turn develop their God-given gifts “to show others by word and deed how beautiful it is to love with Jesus.”

2. Maintain high standards of early childhood, elementary, and middle school education integrated with and related to the teaching of God’s inerrant Word for the development of the whole child.

3. Develop the Christian character of our students within a Christ-centered environment which will prepare our graduates to serve as leaders in the church, in the community, and in the world as they defend and live out their faith in Jesus Christ.