Learner Outcomes

Desired Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

By the time of graduation, it is our prayer that our students will develop the following self-identity and approach to life:

Our desire is that our graduates know Jesus as their personal Savior

  • Firmly grounded in faith.
  • Confident that Jesus is my savior.
  • Have a relationship with Christ that is evident.
  • Actively seek God’s Word through worship, prayer, and Bible study.
  • Value God’s Word and continually seek it.

Our desire is that our graduates are active learners

  • Actively collaborate with peers and engage in discussions.
  • Master a variety of academic disciplines.
  • Develop a love for life-long learning.
  • Academically prepared for High School.

Our desire is that our graduates exemplify servant minded leadership

  • Strive to be a reflection of Christ’s love to others, because Christ first did for me.
  • Work to be a friend to others that encourages and shows kindness to EVERYONE

What are measurable Indicators

  • Demonstrate a life that is Christ honoring and purposeful by being loving, worshiping, praying, engaging in Biblical studies, and witnessing as a servant of Christ.
  • View, interpret, and engage the world with a Christian perspective based on the truth of Jesus Christ and His Word.
  • Be equipped and engaged in clearly talking about Jesus Christ and the Christian Faith with others.
  • Meet any and all entrance requirements for high school of choice, if admitted, be successful academically, socially, and spiritually.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the Christian Heritage of our nation, and be willing to contribute to its improvement through a Christ-centered service above-self citizenship practice.